42nd Street Grand Central Station

86th Street Station
Fourth Ave Line

CBTC System Overlay in the Borough of Brooklyn
Culver Line "B" Division

Eastern Parkway Brooklyn Museum (IRT)

New Dorp & Clifton Sub Stations

PS 24Q

Partial List of Completed Projects
180th Street
7 Beaver Street
90 West St, Luxury Residential
Administration for Children's Services
All City Leadership
Asia Society
Bathgate Highschool
Bedford Academy High School
Bellevue DNA Lab
Beth Israel Medical Center
Bowery Bay
Bowery Bay WPCP
British Airways
Bronx Academy High School
Bronx Criminal Courthouse
Bronx High School of Law and Gov't
College of Aeronautics
Community Health
Coney Island WPCP
Cortlandt St Station, #1 Line
DSW, Union Square
Electrical Industry Training Center
Embassy Suites Hotel
Erasmus Hall High School
FDA Atrium
Frank Sinatra High School
Franklin K Lane High School
General Post Office, Brooklyn
George Washington Bridge Bus Station
Glen Oaks Campus
Grand Ave Bus Depot
Grand Central Station; New Entrance Stair & Reconfiguration
High School for Arts and Business
High School for Environmental Studies
High School for Law Enforcement
High School of Telecommunications
Hotel Sofitel
Hudson Yards Platform / MOE / WSSY
Hunt's Point WPCP
IS 137, Queens
IS 194
IS 61, Queens
IS77, Queens
Jamaica WPCP
JFK Int'l Airport
JHS 141, Bronx
JHS 217, Queens
Korean Airlines, Cargo Building
LaGuardia Airport
Leon Goldstein High School
Liberty High School
LIU Recreation Center, Brooklyn
Manhattan Center for Science and Math
Manhattan Pump Station WPCP
Medgar Evers College
Menorah Hospital
MS 141, Bronx
MS/HS 362, Bronx
MS/IS 368, Bronx
New High School, Queens
Newark Airport
Newtown Creek WPCP
NJ Transit/Penn Station
North River WPCP
NYC SCA: Liberty High School
NYCT 100 St Bus Depot
NYCT Corona Maintenance Shop
NYCT Fulton St Station
NYPD Counter Terror Task Force
Oakwood Beach WPCP
Owl's Head WPCP
Port Richmond WPCP
Promise Academy
PS 102, Bronx
PS 11Q
PS 125, Manhattan
PS 129, Queens
PS 133K
PS 13R
PS 156, Brooklyn
PS 16, Queens
PS 161, Bronx
PS 166, Queens
PS 178, Manhattan
PS 18, Queens
PS 189, Bronx
PS 217, Brooklyn
PS 222, Queens
PS 228, Queens
PS 229
PS 234
PS 235, Bronx
PS 242, Queens
PS 244, Queens
PS 245, Bronx
PS 254
PS 268, Queens
PS 28, Queens
PS 298Q
PS 317X
PS 39R
PS 499, Queens
PS 54, Bronx
PS 56, Richmond
PS 58, Queens
PS 58, Richmond
PS 66, Brooklyn
PS 7, Queens
PS 75, Bronx
PS 83 Bronx
PS 92Q
PS/IS 189, Bronx
PS/IS 194, Bronx
PS/IS 263, Queens
PS/IS 263Q
PS/IS 338K
PS/IS 395, Brooklyn
PS/IS 499, Queens
PS/IS 89, Queens
PS/IS 93, Manhattan
Queens Vocational High School
Red Hook WPCP
Rikers Island
Rockaway WPCP
Science Skills High School
Sea Beach Line, 3 Stations
Skillman Ave High School
South Ferry Terminal
St Vincent's Hospital
Stevenson High School
Tallman Island WPCP
United Airlines
Ward's Island WPCP
West Midtown Ferry Terminal
Whitehall Ferry Terminal
World Trade Center Transportation Hub (North Access)

Bronx Criminal Courthouse